Adult eyes

Every year in Russia about four thousand children get cancer. Early stages of cancer are almost invisible for parents of a sick child. Often it has symptoms that are the same as ordinary childhood diseases. The lack of cancer alertness by parents and local pediatrician is the main enemy of successful treatment. Popularization of information about childhood malignancies helps to fill this gap. Normally in about 80 per cent of cases children cancer is curable, but at the same time not in all regions of Russia it is possible to diagnose cancer in time, not to mention getting an effective treatment.

Children can be helped in Federal Medical centers on quota. However, cancer treatment is one of the most expensive of all the treatments and quotas do not always fully cover it. When the family needs supporting, charitable organization come to the aid. –°hildren usually remain children wherever they are, even during their long treatment, but their adult eyes say everything about what they came through.